September 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter – September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Hoping you are all still enjoying the holiday, only 2 weeks to go and we will be returning. We are so looking forward to seeing you all and welcoming all our new Chandlers Chatters children and Parents/Carers. This 6 weeks has seen lots of things happening within our setting and we have put everything into place that we need or I feel we need so we can run as safely as possible and that all my staff and children will be safe at all times.

There are lots of changes and I hope that the “Welcome Story” and “Social Story” has helped, along with the newsletters and other paperwork you have received from myself. Please remember that we are also new to all these changes and, with your help along the way, we will follow all the guidelines as best we can from the early year’s government. If you wish to go onto the website, all the early years updates are on there for you to view. If I have missed anything or you would like further reassurance, please do not hesitate to call me and I will do my best to answer your questions. As you are aware, we are bringing in all our new children plus all our children that started in January 2020 for the first week only. I would like to ask the Parents/Carers of the children coming in the afternoons for this week only, could you please bring your child in on the morning as we do not have enough children in the first week to warrant an afternoon session.

Times for the first week are as follows:
 Monday 7th September – Friday 11th September – 9:15 – 10:45

then from Monday 14th September and thereafter:

  •   Monday and Friday – 9:15 – 12:30
  •   Tue/Wed/Thurs AM – 9:15 – 12:00
  •   Tue/Wed/Thurs PM – 12.00 – 2:15
  •   Tue/Wed/Thurs all day – 9.15 – 2:15These times will be until further notice as we are working in line with Parsonage Farm Primary School. If you pay for your childcare, you will only be charged for the hours your child will be doing at the moment.

    Further information to take note of:

  •   Social Distancing between Staff and Parents/Carers will be respected at all times
  •   Once we are back, the Parental Agreement must be returned on first day by hand or you can complete it on the day outside, but your child will not be able to stay if you do not have this with you
  •   Uniform will be on sale so please see Sharon for this once we are back
  •   We will not be keeping children in bubble groups as we are one big “Bubble Group”. Your childs key worker will be making sure they have snack/lunch together and

playing and working most of the time together, but we feel that they are too young to understand this for the whole time they are with us

  •   Family Trees for all new children, we need an A4 piece of paper with a pictured family tree and we need this on your childs first day please. It does not have to be anything fancy, just a few pictures of family members
  •   If you think your child will need a change of clothes during a playgroup morning or they are in nappies, we need their things in a bag which must be left at playgroup and their key worker will inform you when they need more nappies/clothes. A draw string bag or carrier bag will be sufficient as we are limited to space and back packs will be too big. Also, could you make sure the bag is labelled with their name please
  •   You will need to bring in a snack daily in a food zippy bag or sandwich bag which consists of fruit that they like. They will need a plain biscuit and a cup which all needs to be in food bag clearly labelled
  •   For those having lunch with us which will be our all-day children and children that start at 12:00, this needs to be in a Tupperware like container so it can be cleaned. They will need a lunch that can be eaten within 30 – 45 minutes. WE CANNOT HAVE ANY PEANUT BUTTER OR CHOCOLATE SPREAD OR ANYTHING NUT RELATED WITHIN YOUR CHILDS LUNCH AS WE HAVE TWO CHILDREN WITH PEANUT ALLERGIES
  •   If you have a new address/phone number since March, could you please email or text it to me so we can update your file
  •   If your child brings a comfort in, it needs to stay with us for that week. We cannot send it home every day and we cannot have toys from home brought into the group
  •   If you think you may be entitled to 2-year-old funding or 30 hours funding, then please go onto the London Borough of Havering website and check it out as you never know and it doesn’t take long to do. If you qualify, please give us the code they supply you with
  •   We will have a board outside the front door on a table with all the information you needWe are hoping that the weather is going to be kind to us as we will be outside most of the time. With our resources, this will also make it easier if your child is having trouble settling in as you will be able to join them in the garden.

    We would ask that you stay close by on the first few mornings as if your child is upset, you are easily reached. Your childs key worker will call to reassure you and give you an update on how your child is getting on. Could we ask that you try to refrain from carrying your child once you are outside as this makes it easier for us to take them in. Also, lots of positive vibes also help them settle. We know that this is a very emotional day for you all and we have been away from the setting for a long time but all my staff are fully trained and they have been doing this job for a number of years and they will be there to help you as well as your child. We also will not let your child cry for too long as this really does not help there settling

in process. We would not want for our own children to be upset so you will be called and maybe asked to collect them earlier than told.

If you have Facebook, please ask to join our group. I will add you to the secure WhatsApp broadcast group where no one else can see your number or comments. I am going to try and add a video next week of all the staff so you can show this to the children before our return.

Could I now ask you all that once we return on the 7th September, if you need to speak with a member of staff, you do this via their playgroup email, our mobile phone or speak to me. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT STAFF VIA SOCIAL MEDIA OR THEIR PRIVATE NUMBERS WITH ANYTHING RELATING TO YOUR CHILD. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM VIDEOS OR PHOTOS. This is a breach of GDPR and also your key workers contract. We must stay professional at all times.

Teacher Claire is no longer with us so please look at the key worker list displayed on the first day or email me and I will tell you who your child has.

Our topic for the first term will be “All About Me” and this will cover talking about their families; naming body parts; doing handprints; looking at the colour of hair/eyes and looking at different cultures and religions. Also, the colour for the first 4 weeks will be RED and the remaining 3 weeks will be BLUE. Unfortunately, we cannot have things brought in but please work on these two colours with them at home as we will be continuing with this at playgroup.

Sorry for the long email but usually we get together to speak about things, however this has not been possible. If there is anything you feel I have not covered then please email me. Can I ask that we all work together as we always do and that you bear with us. We are also new to all the changes within the group and the safety of all my staff and your children is our main priority. We are excited to see you all return to Chandlers Chatters Playgroup/Pre- School and continue to provide the service that we always have at our highest possible standard.

Sue and staff