Legal Advisor Meaning in Tamil

A legal adviser and a deputy counsel were part of the team of the Office of Administrative Review of Detained Enemy Combatants, which was responsible for leading the tribunals reviewing the status of extrajudicial detainees in the United States detention centres at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The identity of the officials acting as President of the Court, Members of the Court, Registrar or Personal Representative was kept secret. 58 classified files containing a review of the Court`s legal sufficiency were separately declassified in 2005 as separate Freedom of Information Act requests. In September, a further 121 unclassified files were released. Each court that met had reviewed the briefing note containing the allegations against the prisoner, the minutes of the unclassified and secret court hearings, and all evidence and other documents prepared for that court by counsel, who then drafted a memorandum setting out the findings. which they had developed during their “legal sufficiency test”. Legal advisors included Commander James R. Crisfield, Commander Teresa A. McPalmer, and Deputy Legal Counsel Lieutenant Peter C. Bradford.

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