Here at Chandlers Chatters Playgroup/Preschool we are dedicated to providing individual care and education for children. We value our family orientated environment where we invite our parents to be involved every step of the way.

We recognise the importance of good manners and respect for others and believe that this enables our children to be well prepared for life outside the Playgroup/preschool environment. We provide the children with a strong foundation for life and believe that a quality Early Years education provides children with the best opportunity to reach their full potential whilst at the Playgroup/preschools and in their futures.

Our home from home environment is calm and nurturing which enables the children to develop a sense of security and allows them to excel in all areas of development. The children’s happiness is our number one priority.



Our curriculum is designed so that all children who attend our setting develop verbally, cognitively, physically, and emotionally throughout the process of experiencing the seven areas of learning of the EYFS and become confident individuals. Children are regularly taken out to the local shops, on bus rides to the local woods and we also have a sports coach that comes in every two weeks.



When a child starts with us, in the first 4-6 weeks we do assessments and talk with their Parent/Carers, by talking with their Parent/Carer we learn to understand about the children’s interests, which helps us with our planning so we can cater for them at a point which is suitable for their age range. Staff take advantage of those teachable moments that happen every day by supporting and enhancing the children’s interest and skills.

Our aim as early years practitioner means that when a child is interested in something or needs support the practitioner will, if needed step in to offer support to extend their learning. The moments are recognised by staff and documented for progress checks against Birth to five matters to ensure they are reaching the targets for the age range of the individual child.


Characteristics of effective Learning

‘Playing and Exploring’ – We encourage our children to play and explore by finding out what they know and always being willing to have a go.

‘Active Learning’ – To be motivated by being involved and to try to achieve what they set out to do.

‘Creative and thinking Critically’ – Having their own ideas and making links.



We have high expectations for all the children to achieve a good level of progress throughout their time at the preschool. Staff develop strong relationships with the families to make effective observations of the children’s starting points. We measure the children’s learning through planning which is based on the staffs knowledge of the child. We monitor our children through everyday interactions in which staff support the children in their learning. Weekly assessments are made when staff update children’s progress with any completed photos and work samples.